Cape George Psychedelic Sun


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High above the rugged coastline of Cape George, where the land kissed the vast expanse of the ocean, a majestic eagle named Solarius soared through the evening sky. With wings outstretched, Solarius rode the currents of the salty breeze, his keen eyesight guiding him toward the Cape George Lighthouse.

As he approached, the setting sun painted the world below in hues of vivid orange, magenta, and deep indigo. Solarius, with eyes as sharp as a falcon’s, marveled at the psychedelic tapestry that unfolded before him. The sun, a molten ball of fire, dipped toward the horizon, casting long, ethereal shadows over the rugged cliffs and crashing waves.

Solarius spiraled downward, his feathers catching the last rays of daylight. He perched upon a weathered rock, overlooking the Cape George Lighthouse. From his vantage point, he beheld the lighthouse bathed in the ever-changing colors of the sunset. Its pristine white facade became a canvas for the celestial artist’s brush, transforming into shades of coral and lavender.

The lighthouse’s beam, a brilliant shaft of light, emerged from its tower, slicing through the gathering twilight. It painted a kaleidoscope of colors across the sea, as if the very waves themselves danced with the hues of the setting sun. Solarius watched as the colors intertwined, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that seemed to defy the boundaries of reality.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the sky exploded into a riot of colors. The heavens were awash in brilliant pinks, purples, and oranges, like an artist’s palette run wild. Solarius felt a deep sense of connection with the world below, as if he were a part of this cosmic masterpiece, a witness to the universe’s grand display.

With a final, sweeping glance, Solarius spread his wings and took flight once more. He soared into the psychedelic sunset, becoming a part of the vibrant tapestry of colors that painted the world. As he glided over the Cape George Lighthouse, the lighthouse’s beam reached out to him, as if bidding him farewell on his journey through the enchanting skies.

And so, through the eyes of an eagle named Solarius, the Cape George Lighthouse became a beacon not just for ships at sea but for the majestic beauty of nature itself. In that fleeting moment of the psychedelic sunset, Solarius and the lighthouse shared a timeless connection, a testament to the breathtaking wonders that exist in the natural world.


Approximately 3" x 3"


Magnet, Standard Vinyl

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