Why Jimmy Stickers?

“It Started With Micro Acts of Giving”

For me stickers are powerful way of promoting micro acts of giving. These tiny adhesive symbols carry meaningful messages and have the potential to inspire connection in simple yet impactful ways.

I initially started buying and giving away sacred geometric stickers to close friends while attending music festivals. However by eventually creating my own designs with the help of Midjourney, an AI powered text to image generator, I was able to give people a unique piece of my imagination and hopefully make their life a little brighter.

When I started sharing my designs on my personal Facebook folks wanted to order some of their own and from that demand JimmyStickers.com was born. Essentially I needed a central way to show the diversity of my work and a means to facilitate easy ordering and payment.

Due to my experience in web design over the past 20 years I was able to create this website and combine my talents across these many domains to make it easy for folks to buy my stickers.

Last but not least once I generated the stickers I began giving them names and backstories. With the help of Chat GPT I was able to take these ideas and quickly build out a story for each sticker. In many cases I have had the stories intersect so multiple stories get linked together for added enjoyment.

The ultimate goal of this effort is to cover the cost of giving away stickers to anyone I want and in these early days I have almost achieved that. In the future I look forward to creating even more unique stickers using mediums like wood, metal and transparent plastics as well as producing limited edition, collectable sticker series.

It’s cheesy to say but the possibilities are endless and the satisfaction I get from knowing little bits of me are out there is unmatched.

// Consider following my work as web designer, photographer and motivational speaker if you like my work with stickers. You can also find me on all the socials below my name. I am most active on my James Smeaton Photography page on Facebook.

James Smeaton