The Wheel Pizza & Sub Shop



The townsfolk regarded The Wheel as not just a pizza joint but a cherished institution.

The Wheel embodies more than just great food; it is an institution in Antigonish. This status has been earned not only from the locals but also from visitors near and far. Nestled alongside the Brierly Brook River, just a stone’s throw from St. Francis Xavier University, its quaint setting and late hours of operation make it a favorite stop for students and townies alike on their way home after a night of revelry. Existing for over 45 years, amidst the changing landscape of the town, The Wheel has remained steadfast, serving as a cornerstone of nostalgic sentiment that elevates food into culture. It is for these reasons and more that this business deserved to have a sticker of its own—a simple logo adorning its pizza boxes, a humble homage to a restaurant that has always maintained simplicity and consistency.


Standard Vinyl


2.3" x 3"

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