Psychedelic Double Thumbs Up


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Once upon a time in a far-out, kaleidoscopic dimension known as Psychedelia, there lived a unique being named Thumby. Thumby was not your typical creature; instead, they were a living, breathing, double psychedelic thumbs up. Yes, you heard it right—two thumbs up, with eyes that sparkled like swirling galaxies.

In Psychedelia, where everything was a dance of colors and patterns, Thumby was the embodiment of positivity and encouragement. Whenever someone in Psychedelia needed a boost of confidence or a reason to smile, they would seek out Thumby. With a wink of their radiant eyes and a synchronized double thumbs-up, Thumby would send waves of euphoria and joy through the hearts of those they encountered.

One day, Psychedelia faced an unusual challenge. A gloomy, gray cloud of doubt had descended upon the land, casting a shadow over the vibrant world. The inhabitants of Psychedelia were feeling disheartened and unsure of themselves. It was a moment that called for Thumby’s extraordinary abilities.

Thumby sprang into action, their two thumbs rotating like pinwheels as they floated above the ground. They danced through Psychedelia, leaving trails of iridescent colors in their wake. As they went, they met various creatures and beings, each in need of a boost. Thumby offered their signature double psychedelic thumbs up, and one by one, the residents of Psychedelia started to regain their confidence and optimism.

The gloomy cloud of doubt began to dissipate as Thumby’s positive energy spread like a ripple. Soon, the entire dimension was bathed in brilliant hues and patterns, brighter and more vibrant than ever before. Psychedelia had been saved by the magic of the double psychedelic thumbs up.

Thumby, having brought back the sunshine to Psychedelia, continued to be a beacon of positivity and encouragement for all who crossed their path. They proved that sometimes, all it takes is a simple thumbs-up, or in their case, a double psychedelic thumbs up, to chase away the shadows of doubt and usher in a world of boundless color, joy, and wonder.


Holographic Paper, Standard Vinyl


Approximately 4" x 3"

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