Forlorn Fiona



In a remote cottage nestled deep within the shadowy woods, there lived a forlorn witch named Fiona. She was known throughout the land for her extraordinary powers, but her abilities were overshadowed by the heavy burden of a broken heart. Fiona’s life had been touched by both magic and tragedy, creating a story that was as haunting as it was beautiful.

Once, long ago, Fiona had been deeply in love with a kind-hearted woodsman named Landon. Their love was a force of nature, blooming amidst the ancient trees and sparkling streams of the enchanted forest. They would spend endless days exploring the woods, and their laughter would echo through the glades.

However, fate can be cruel, and a terrible accident befell Landon. He was lost to the forest, and despite Fiona’s most desperate incantations, she could not bring him back. The agony of her loss was unbearable, and Fiona’s heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

As the years passed, Fiona withdrew from the world. She sought solace in her magical arts, her spells and potions becoming more powerful as she delved deeper into the arcane. Yet, the pain of her broken heart never left her. It cast a shadow over her once-bright spirit, turning her into a solitary and forlorn figure.

One moonlit night, as Fiona sat alone in her cottage, a ghostly figure appeared before her. It was Landon, but not as she remembered him. He was an ethereal presence, a spirit bound to the very forest that had claimed him. He had come to offer Fiona a choice, a chance to heal her broken heart.

Landon revealed that the forest held the power to mend not just the land but also the hearts of those who dwelled within it. Together, he and Fiona embarked on a mystical journey through the woods, retracing their steps from long ago. Along the way, they encountered magical creatures and ancient spirits, each offering a piece of wisdom or a glimpse of their shared past.

As they reached the heart of the forest, Fiona felt her heartache beginning to mend. The enchanted trees whispered tales of love and loss, and the babbling brooks seemed to carry away her sorrow. In the embrace of the forest, Fiona realized that she could never bring Landon back, but she could find solace and healing among the memories of their love.

With a heart that was still scarred but no longer shattered, Fiona returned to her cottage, her magic more potent than ever. She knew that her life would never be the same, but she had found a way to live with her broken heart, using it to fuel her enchantments and offer healing to others.

Fiona, the forlorn witch, continued to roam the enchanted forest, no longer alone but accompanied by the presence of Landon, a reminder that even the deepest wounds could be transformed into sources of strength and wisdom. Her story became a legend, passed down through the generations as a testament to the enduring power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.


Durable Vinyl


Approximately 3" x 3"

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